How To break in Birkenstocks before wearing!

How To break in Birkenstocks before wearing!

How to Break in Birkenstocks!


Birkenstock footbeds are a cool blend of materials, including cork, latex, and jute, which naturally absorb the heat and moisture generated by your feet, make the shoes mould according to your feet, and provide incredible support. 

Comfort comes with a proper fit, and Birkenstocks do run true to size. They have two major fits to accommodate people with narrow and wider feet, so make sure you’re picking up a pair that will fit you for maximum comfort and support.  You can check the size guide on the product page.

Here are a few ways that will help you break into your Birks:Walk in them daily, gradually increasing the time to reduce the hurting time.  Wear the sandals for 30-45 minutes the first day and then 1-2 hours the next,  gradually increasing the time till they become comfortable.  It might take 2-3 weeks. After the break-in period the shoes will feel custom made, you won’t even realise you are wearing them.  You can wear them for hours on end without your feet getting tired.  To get to the finish line of the break-in period, you have to commit to the process.  Do not give up.

If the pain is too much from the standard footbed, no worries! Birkenstock has a special soft footbed that has been designed to relieve the pain; and if you don’t have pain...who doesn’t want extra cushioning anyway?

Use thick socks and soak them in water

Wearing thick socks when your sandal is immersed in water is another great way to soften and stretch those tight and unyielding straps and footbeds. Get a dependable pair of thick socks and begin wearing them on a daily basis. Just remember to put on your socks before you put on your sandals. There's another twist to this. Using a moist cotton rag, you may soak your sandals in water for a few minutes. Soaking the straps and footbed in water softens them and makes them more comfortable to walk in. After that, put your socks on your feet and walk in them. Do this for a few days, and you will undoubtedly notice positive outcomes from your efforts.

Use the hammer sparingly

Another nice way to do it is to smash the sandal footbeds lightly. Don't be afraid, and it will not harm your sandals. Birkenstock sandals are typically stiff and difficult to walk in the first several days. However, you may make them soft and nice to walk on by just using your beloved hammer. Use a hammer from your house to hit both sides of your new sandal. A few little injections on the footbed regions where you are experiencing discomfort should be enough. If the toe bar bothers your feet, use the hammer to loosen the cork in that spot gently.

Bend it inward and outward a few times

It's just another easy and simple trick. You may gently bend them inward and outward when you first get your hands on them. When you bend and flex them, ensure you fully unbuckle all of the straps to allow for proper flexing. Your sandals will become more flexible and pleasant to walk in as you bend your hands gradually. You may substantially minimise the break-in process in the early days by adopting this simple approach for a few weeks.

You must be patient while breaking in your new pair of Birkenstocks sandals for women. You can make your new walking sandals comfier in 2-3 weeks. However, using the methods described above may significantly shorten the break-in period. Have you tried any of these? If yes, share your experience by connecting with us.

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