Frankie4 - Olivia - Wheat
Frankie4 - Olivia - Wheat
Frankie4 - Olivia - Wheat
Frankie4 - Olivia - Wheat

Frankie4 - Olivia - Wheat

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Nothing says chic like OLiViA Wheat, the neutral brogue. Lace-up this meticulously crafted design featuring a feminine almond-shaped toe, laser-cut detailing and clever cushioning.

Saving Your Sole™ with the below features:

Sole Hero™ Support Footbed – Podiatrist designed | adjustable.  

HEEL SUPPORT: Lifts, cradles and cushions the heel to help prevent and alleviate heel pain. 

ARCH SUPPORT: Helps facilitate better foot and leg alignment.  

FOREFOOT SUPPORT: Contoured to follow the foots natural forefoot arch, the Sole Hero™ Support Footbed supports the forefoot whilst spreading the load and avoiding pressure points under the foot.

Triple Layer Support & Cushion System designed to help prevent and alleviate common foot pain symptoms. 

Podiatrist designed dual density moulded soles – soft midsole and durable rubber tread. 

Slip resistant sole* compliant with ISO 20347:2012 (SRC)

Sole Saver™ Pack*: enabling a regular, wide or narrow fit with our clever pack included in the box.  Customise the fit to each foot. 

“Goldilocks” heel counter - not too firm, not too flimsy.

Leather upper, footbed cover and lining.

Additional laces provided for alternate styling   

*Subject to fair wear and tear.

*FRANKiE4 Sole Saver™ Pack includes a full-length Sole Hero™ Support Footbed, a half-length Sole Hero™ Support Footbed, and forefoot cushions.

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