Each shoe by WODEN speaks to the brand’s Scandinavian origins and dedication to eco-conscious style. Incorporating unique and sustainably sourced materials like natural cork, salmon leather, and recycled rubber, the distinctive and comfortable designs are the casual staples you never knew you needed.
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Scandinavian-born brand Woden is underpinned by a simple mantra: reduce, reuse and recycle. Consciously crafting premium footwear for all walks of urban life, the brand orbits sustainable options with every corner of its practice. With a love of nature deeply entrenched at the core, Woden meticulously select their materials and production methods to create enduring options that are both high in quality and functional in their form.

Hallmarked by quality genuine leather, suede, environmentally-friendly cork soles and recycled rubber, Woden shoes incorporate innovative design with groundbreaking environmentally-friendly practices. All Woden insoles feature a cork construction, due to the natural and sustainable element of the material, as well as its lightweight, shock-absorbing qualities and flexible fit. Looking to shake up the status quo in the search of new innovative sustainable options, the brand began using fish leather to reduce waste from the Nordic fishing industry, as well as to provide a new layer of quality to their products thanks to the durability of the material. The crossed fibres of the fish are ten times more durable than that of cow leather, while the scales provide a unique textured finish with three-dimensional appeal.