Ziera - Delilah - Sandshell
Ziera - Delilah - Sandshell
Ziera - Delilah - Sandshell
Ziera - Delilah - Sandshell
Ziera - Delilah - Sandshell

Ziera - Delilah - Sandshell

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Get active the glamorous way with DELILAH by Ziera, this premium leather walking shoe features luxe velvet panels and is fitted with an Active Comfort footbed made with a TPU heel cradle and PU gel pads for shock-absorbing support. This footbed can be removed to fit personalised orthotics. It includes forefoot inserts which can be added, layered, or removed for a custom fit.
  • Material: Leather
  • Heel Height (CM): 2
  • Width: Extra Wide
  • Lace up vamp
  • Removable Active Comfort footbed
  • Orthotic friendly
  • TPU stabilising cradle and PU gel cushion
Wider XW sizing with forefoot insoles for a tailored fit

Customer Reviews

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Helen not Christine

Thank you for the delivery I am happy with the shoes as I need the wider fit .

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